Thank you for taking the time to learn more about the glowforge plan we have for helping veterans and the veteran community.


We have spent about 8 months researching the different safety features, quality of craftsmanship and goal of assisting veterans with a job that requires common knowledge skill sets to provide products to take to market as well as offering a service.

What kind of service?

We have had several construction sites locally that have had thieves stealing tools. We will offer a service of engraving their company logo or personal name on their tools for easy identification. (see top video)

It will also provide opportunity for the veteran to tap into their creative mind and create products to sell such as:

     *challenge coins

     *dog tags with company branding

     *guitar pics with musician signature

     *leather products for sale

Plus more.

Your gift will help assist in our efforts to create a sustainable and perpetual income stream to assist in the impact 22 outreaches to our nations veterans. All donations are tax-deductible.