Calling all family members of military personnel!

Active duty and veteran community!

Our loved ones have carried their ruck sack through war zones of unexpected experiences.

Sure, they trained for war, but the experience itself is difficult to plan on. The adrenaline rush that comes with the experience can not be simulated in a safe zone.

Service is behind them now, unless active duty.

They return home, changed. A lifestyle of being in constant readiness makes it hard to relax and reconnect. They've unpacked their rucksack and released their uniforms. On the outside, they look like civilians. On the inside, they are still trained warriors with memories of unspeakable moments.

I've been there. The first year of my marriage was spent dealing with the onset and aftermath of Desert Storm. It was over so fast. Yet the collateral damage that came from it nearly cost me my life.

In the midst of it, I held on to Hope, I found Help and  I received Healing.

I learned that the weight of the burdens I carried were not helping but destroying. I had to literally unpack the rucksack I had filled with destructive skills and replace it with lifesaving skills. Just as our loved ones had to carry their rucksack into combat, as civilians, we need to help them, and ourselves, learn how to continue forward into life instead of merely surviving the aftermath.

We can change the outcome!

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Deborah J. Watson

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