It's time to GORUCK!

You've served your country. You've carried your ruck sack, or ALICE pack if you were in the Navy. It was packed to fifty pounds of life saving gear that would help you survive.

You're out among civilians who have no idea what you were trained to endure. They don't understand what you experienced and what it is you carry in the ruck sack of your memories. You can push them down into a dark place. A safe place. A place only you know about. Those memories are real and they are yours!

Here's the thing soldier!  What you are meant to carry should be full of lifesaving gear, not tormenting memories. I did not serve in the military. My husband is a Desert Storm Veteran. I have however, stared into the face of decision after traumatic moments in time. Moments I thought it best to end my life to protect those that I loved from encountering the monster I thought I was turning in to.  Thankfully, it was in those weakest of moments I found my strength to carry on. Not just for me, but for future generations.

It's time to take a look at what's in your ruck sack. It's time to throw some things out and replace it with life saving gear. If not for you, for those around you. You see, the suicide rate among our veterans went down from 22 a day to an average of 20 a day. Still too many!  But the national suicide average went up by 24% in the civilian world. And they are taking our loved ones with them.

I hold nothing back as to how I overcame my moment. I shoot a straight arrow unapologetically. It's up to you if you decide to join us on the journey.

Deborah J. Watson

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