• Deborah Watson

Taneycomo- PTSD does not need to be the end of the story!

In 2005, I began the journey of learning the business side of film production and script writing. We were on the brink of starting the production company in St. Louis, Mo, when suddenly, our niece ended her life due to a drug addiction that stemmed from the onset of PTSD from a childhood trauma. She left behind broken hearts in her father, sister, brother, daughter, and the rest of our family and her friends. All of us devastated.

My husband and I obtained guardianship of her one year later. We made a move to another city so that she could have a new beginning and no one would look at her any differently than if she had always been part of our family. We placed the business on the back-burner so she could have our undivided attention throughout the rest of her teenage years.

I continued to write and build content of 10 stories to be the final chapter of my existence on this Earth. She made a comment to me, "Please don't tell my story. It's mine to tell, not yours." She's so right! We both have different views of the trauma that hit our family.

I wanted to talk about PTSD in a hope of helping others understand what it is and how it operates in our trains of thoughts without bringing harm to her or those suffering. As I contemplated the people group to reach out to, my husband, a Desert Storm veteran, walked through the room. I instantly knew, and from that, Taneycomo was born which spurred on Impact 22.

It's not a blockbuster, but a story of how communities function. Some people judge homeless people as incompetent low lives. Others see them as broken people in need of help, hope and healing. Some people will talk falsely about them, perhaps out of self-defense, protecting themselves from the unknown, or because they see a form of a human being they are afraid they will become. Others will jeopardize their own livelihood to help another human being rise up out of their suffering. I have worn the shoes of all.

This has been a humbling journey. From the friends and family that invested and supported, to the veterans who participated in the production. From the strangers now life long friends to those that found the strength to carry on. To those being vulnerable to share their stories, and brave enough to say, "I need help." We honor our heroes continuing on in life, and those who refuse to stay broken but seek out assistance in rising above the trauma and learning how to live instead of merely survive.

For those that have lost loved ones, like we have, we stand with you and fight side by side to bring awareness to the reality that there are life moments you don't, "just get over". For those that have faced suicidal thoughts and destructive life choices like I have, I will forever say, there is HOPE! there is HELP! there is HEALING! And it starts with you reaching out, being willing to be vulnerable with a TRAINED PROFESSIONAL to find a solid foundation to place your feet on as you continue on this adventure called LIFE!

Taneycomo is available in DVD format or a small fee for downloading purposes. https://www.impact22.com/shop

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