PTSD is not the end of the story.



  • Admit there is a need for help and reach out to the correct team for support post trauma.

  • Believe that there is hope and purpose to continue living after trauma.

  • Connect with others that are real people with real answers to help you through the grief and sorrow and everything attached to it.

  • Dedicate yourself to be patient and go through the healing process with the professionals.

  • Empower others in your community with your victory story.

Not all of life's moments are easy to endure and go through. Often times it can appear to be a hopeless
situation especially when it's traumatic.

We are confident of the strategic approach we have of community support and professional training, that
hope can be restored in the hearts of humanity.


People dealing with PTSD want the symptoms of it to stop. It can be frightening because they are not sure what is happening to them. They will go to doctors and get help for the anxiety, or depression that is a symptom of it. Medication will be given to them but for some, the symptoms continue. Perplexed, the doctors will change the medication to try and find the correct "fit" for the person only to have the person frustrated and feeling hopeless.

When that hopelessness becomes too big, and the journey becomes too painful, some people decide to take care of it themselves by ending their life.

It's time to be honest about it.

When a person talks to a doctor about their symptoms, they are sometimes afraid to talk about the flashbacks or nightmares that come with it.  The fear of talking about them, because it could bring up their past into their present through remembering, is greater than their hope of finding answers. DON'T BE AFRAID. BE HONEST.

Know your triggers.

Everyone has a trigger that brings up the emotions attached to the trauma. Everyone's triggers are different, even if they went through the exact same experience. Talk with your doctor about discovering your triggers. It can often be a smell, a sound, a topic of conversation.

Be aware.

Loved ones often are clueless as to what is going on inside. Especially when it is buried deep within. They can unknowingly be "pushing buttons" creating division and hurting the individual when it is the farthest thing from what they intend to do.

Get Help.

It's okay to not be okay. It's not okay to not get help during those moments. One of the bravest moves a person can make is to take a deep breath in and exhale by letting it all out in front of someone that can help you.

Know you are not alone.

Many people find strength in their faith, family, friends. When you don't feel like that's enough, reach out. It's free to talk with someone that can point you in a direction to help you find hope and healing.

This battle waging war within you can have a victory, even if you feel like you have been left out in the field alone to die. You are a warrior and created to win.

Now is the time.

Your hopeless and helpless feelings don't have power over you any longer unless you let them. Now is the time to rise up out of the ashes and fight for your victory with those that are equipped to help bring you back to life.